Grand Canyon Tours Offer Plenty of Things to Do

If you’re wondering about things to do at the Grand Canyon, consider taking one of the fantastic package tours that are out there. Your choices include bus tours, helicopter or airplane flights, and rafting trips down the river. All of them include everything you’ll need for a great time.

Grand Canyon tours by bus are the most affordable option. Rafting trips come next from a cost perspective, followed by airplane tours. Helicopter tours are the most expensive. You can find “value” tours and 5-star tours for each type. The 5-star version will be more expensive but will also give you a much better experience, with superior service and equipment.

Most Grand Canyon tours set out from Las Vegas (West Rim or South Rim) or a small town just outside the South Rim’s main entrance called Tusayan, Arizona (South Rim tours only). There aren’t any packages that include both rims.

Helicopter Tours

Helicopters flying out of Vegas can’t make it to the South Rim and back, so those flights only visit the West Rim. If you’re staying in Las Vegas and you’re determined to see the South Rim, your choices are a 45-minute plane flight or a 5 ½ hour bus ride. It’s probably obvious which choice I recommend.

There are plenty of things to do on West Rim helicopter tours. The West Rim is only a 45-minute flight from Vegas, and it’s the only place you can land on the canyon floor. Other optional add-ons include passes to the spectacular Grand Canyon Skywalk and rafting trips down the Colorado River.

There aren’t any landing tours at the South Rim – they’re all air-only. Basic tours last 30 minutes and fly from the South Rim to the North Rim and back. A more extensive, 50-minute tour lets you see almost ¾ of the National Park. I strongly recommend this choice because you’ll get great bang for your buck!

Airplane Tours

Airplane tours follow the same routes as helicopters, and similar landing packages are available. There’s only one South Rim plane tour and although it’s at a higher altitude, it’s similar to the 50-minute helicopter flight. There are daily flights to the West Rim and they fly over the park or land at Grand Canyon West Airport. If you choose a landing flight, you can walk around the rim and check out the Grand Canyon Skywalk, or you could take a chopper to the bottom and follow it up with a rafting trip.

Bus Tours

Bus tours out of Phoenix only visit the South Rim, but tours leaving from Vegas go to either rim. They’re all-day trips on modern buses that are equipped with excellent climate control, recliner-type seating and clean restrooms. All tours from Las Vegas (South Rim and West Rim) stop at Hoover Dam for a photo opportunity.

South Rim bus tours from Phoenix offer passenger pickup throughout the metropolitan area, including Scottsdale. They stop in Sedona, Arizona (known for its remarkable red sandstone buttes) along the way, but you’ll have 2 ½ hours at the National Park – plenty of time to add an optional helicopter flight.

Smooth-Water Rafting Tours

These terrific tours only run between late March and November. The package originating in Las Vegas includes a chopper flight that lands on the canyon floor at the West Rim, followed by an 11-mile float trip down the Colorado. The 15-mile-long South Rim version begins at Glenn Canyon Dam (in Page, Arizona) and ends at historic Lee’s Ferry.

General Information

Grand Canyon tour packages are all-inclusive, meaning they include free hotel pickup and drop-off, all Park fees and taxes, lunch, and the services of a guide. They’re terrific deals, and they’ll give you plenty of things to do.

Dublin Ireland Is Full of Fun Activities For You and Your Family

For Saint Patrick’s day what better spot than exploring Ireland’s best well known destination. It is the country’s most populous city and it’s packed with lots of fun and tourist attractions with interesting historic places for you to visit.

There are really a lot of diverse things to do in Irish grounds. If you are going to travel to this magnificent vacation destination and you are wondering what to do in Dublin here are some recommendations.

St Patrick’s Cathedral.- Let’s start with the celebration I talked about at the beginning of the post. St Patrick’s day is a very important celebration for all the Irish in their country and around the world specially in the US. That’s why we had to start with this landmark. The cathedral is the country’s largest church and it’s formally known as the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Patrick and it was founded in 1191.

Ha’Penny Bridge.- Not exactly famous for being a big bridge structure or anything like that. Its central location crossing over the River Liffey makes it an affluent path for pedestrians by the thousand on a daily basis. The official name of the bridge is Liffey Bridge.

Phoenix Park.- This urban park is one of the largest city parks in Europe with a little over 700 hectares of surface. Within the park you can visit the Zoo, the Wellington and Phoenix Monuments, Ashtown Castle, the Áras an Uachtaráin(president’s house), the Magazine Fort and you could also spot some of the park’s wildlife like the Fallow deer. It is also famous because every year when the Dublin Marathon takes place, participants pass through the park.

Áras an Uachtaráin.- The name means house of the president in Irish. With a similar design to Washington’s White House, it is the official residence of Ireland’s President located inside of Phoenix Park.

Dublin Zoo.- Continuing with the attractions inside of Phoenix Park, there’s one of the city’s most popular attractions. The zoo is the largest in Ireland and it features several different species of animals from all over the world that are divided into areas inside the zoo. They do a good job in conserving some of the planet’s endangered species.

Christ Church Cathedral.- Formally known as The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, it is Dublin’s other medieval cathedral, the other one being St Patrick’s.

Dublin Castle.- The place has served different roles throughout history. It was once a fort and then became the royal residence. Nowadays fulfills the role of a major Irish government complex.

Dublin Ghost Bus Tour.- Dublin sightseeing night-time tour that takes you to not only some of the city’s famous historic sites but also to locations that are believed to be haunted. The complete tour lasts a bit longer than 2 hours and it is a fun way of exploring the city in a double-deck bus.

Farmleigh House.- This is Ireland’s official State guest house. This former residence of the Guinness family consists of extensive gardens, a pond and a heard of the native Kerry cattle.

Garden of Remembrance.- Memorial Garden commemorates the memories of the people that followed their cause and died on behalf of the Irish freedom.

Guinness Storehouse.- You are about to see closely why Ireland is known to brew some of the world’s best beer. Also known as the Guinness Brewery Hop Store, this popular tourist attraction shows the history of the brewery from its origins.

Henry and Grafton Street.- These are Dublin’s principal shopping streets. If you want to experience Ireland’s way of shopping these are the places to go.

Swords Castle.- Situated just north of Dublin in Swords, this complex was built for the Archbishops of Dublin.

Trinity College.- Visit the incredible facilities of Ireland’s oldest university.

Temple Bar District.- Area in the heart of the city that showcases Dublin’s medieval street patterns with its cobbled streets. It is known as the city’s cultural quarter and you can find several restaurants, nightclubs and of course pubs.

Wicklow Mountains.- Dublin and the whole country of Ireland are widely known for having breathtaking scenery, this area is the clear example of that.

10 Things to Do in Dublin

The Irish capital, Dublin, is one of the hottest spots in terms of worldwide backpacking travel right now. Especially for students and budget travelers, this is a city that promises to be a lot of fun – time spent here invariably involves running round the city ticking off a list of magnificent things to do, before hitting one of the famous Dublin pubs come nightfall.

But before the backpacker can start exploring the city (and its booze), he or she needs to check into a Dublin hostel. There are plenty of options in town, with Abigails Hostel in Aston Quay popular choice thanks to its great facilities, cheap rates, and unbeatable location.

Another one of the best Dublin hostels to stay in is Abbey Court on Bachelor’s Walk, which is a fun and friendly type of place. Book a stay here, then – or, for that matter, in any one of the hostels that Dublin – and the backpacker is guaranteed a great base from which to experience the vibrant city of Dublin and its many things to do…

1. Visit the Guinness Storehouse. If you are a beer drinker, you must have heard about Guinness. For the fans of the most famous and popular drinks on the planet, the Guinness Storehouse is the ideal place to visit. Here, the backpacker gets the opportunity to witness the entire history of the drink.

A great thing about the Guinness Storehouse is that you get to have a pint of your favorite beer at the Gravity Bar and the cost is included in your entry fee. They say beer tastes better the closer you get to its source, and it’s harder to get closer to Guinness than here!

2. Check out the Old Jameson Distillery. The Old Jameson Distillery is another great booze-based thing to do in Dublin. From tasting some great Irish whiskey to a grand factory tour, you can experience it all here. Located in Bow Street, this one is definitely worth a visit.

3. See a performance in the Gaiety Theatre. The backpacker or the budget traveler who is a theatre aficionado must make it a point to see a show in the Gaiety Theatre, the oldest theatre in Dublin. It is a theatre that houses numerous productions, including opera, dance, drama, musicals and even ballet.

4. Take the famous Dublin Ghostbus Ride. Everyone visiting Dublin should take the Dublin Ghostbus Ride – a great theme ride designed to spook you out in good jest. Designed in a gothic theme, the bus has guides who narrate spine chilling stories while the bus speeds along the city, stopping at select locations like graveyards and other haunted sites of Dublin.

5. Take the Historical Walking Tour of Dublin. Conducted by graduate students of the famous Trinity College, this is a truly enriching walk for backpackers who have an interest in understanding the history and culture of a nation.

6. Try hurling. Hurling is one of the most popular sports in Ireland, and it also goes far back in terms of the country’s history. For the backpacker who wants to understand and watch this unique sport, a match at the Croke Park stadium is a must watch.

7. Literary and Musical Bus Tour. The Dublin’s Rock N Roll Writers Bus Tour is yet another unique tour designed to give the visitor to Ireland’s capital a good idea about the cultural and literary richness of the country.

8. The Dublin City Pub Crawl. Temple Bar is Ireland’s famous pub district, and doing a bar crawl around its many drinking holes easily rates as one of the most enjoyable things to do while in the city.

9. Hire a cycle from Phoenix Park. The Phoenix Park, one of the largest parks in Europe, is the place to go if you fancy peddling your way around Dublin’s finer spots.

10. Sightseeing on a Dublin Bus. If you can’t afford the ticket for an official city tour, why not just jump on a regular bus and see where it takes you?

Garage Door Repair, Copying Keys and Other Ways to Prevent Burglary

Anyone who’s experienced the infuriating and unfortunate event of having a home or car broken into knows the importance of garage door repair. Being the victim of a robbery changes the way you think when leaving the house every day.

Burglars can rob a person of his or her feeling of personal security. However, the positive flip side to that loss is a strengthened knowledge of how to defend yourself and your home from future break-ins.

A phrase commonly uttered by people who have just has their homes invaded is “I thought this was a good neighborhood.” People who have the means to afford a house in a safe, affluent neighborhood do so because of the peace of mind and sense of security it offers them. They choose to live in an area with friendly, trustworthy neighbors where they feel they can leave the front door open and run to the store often without locking anything behind them.

But while these neighborhoods may be full of nice people, there are always not-so-nice people aware of their habits that like to prey on unsuspecting, comfortable people.

When living in a house with a garage, it is common to use the door in the garage as the main point of entry into the house. It is also common for people to leave this door unlocked because of the feeling of protection the garage itself gives. Many people leave their car doors unlocked as well for the same reason. But what about when the garage door breaks? A home in need of a garage door repair can look like a blue light special to a neighborhood bandit.

One day, some less-than-innocent bystander may see you struggling to get the garage door to function properly or may notice that it does not close all the way. There are many garage door repair needs that put your possessions and safety at risk. Get in touch with a company that handles garage door repair at the first sign of a problem.

Likewise, any other security-related home improvements, such as broken locks or broken windows should be fixed as soon as they are detected. The small cost of having these things repaired could save you more than you would lose in case of a theft.

Avoiding garage door repair isn’t the only way to risk the safety of your belongings. Many families with kids just starting to get old enough to drive or come home from the bus stop by themselves often put their homes at risk by placing a spare key in a less-than-clever hiding spot. Under the doormat, in the mailbox or under a potted plant are popular choices. Aside from being totally predictable, this method allows anyone luring around to see the child retrieve the key from the same spot every day. It takes just one short trip to a hardware store to make a sufficient number of key copies to distribute to each member of the household so that “hiding” the key in plain sight won’t be necessary.

Trucking Accident Attorney – Why You May Need One

Semi trucks are a significant element in the commerce industry in the United States, and they transport the vast majority of products all over this nation. Consequently, crashes with commercial trucks take place all the time, and the ensuing injury to people in automobiles as well as other motor vehicles is usually disastrous.

More than 400,000 incidents take place each and every year wherein a commercial motor vehicle, like a semi, box truck or van, or commercial bus has been involved with a far lighter personal car or truck. A packed semi can easily weigh more than 60 tons. It may demand more than 400 feet of stopping distance if it is traveling at a speed of 65 MPH, in comparison with approximately 160 feet for a car or non-commercial truck, and the power of an 18-wheeler collision can easily plow right through the sides of a store or building.

Due to the huge size of these types of trucks, virtually any wreck involving a commercial transport vehicle and any other car or truck will probably cause severe, possibly lethal, injuries. When a one of these vehicles is transporting dangerous chemical substances or combustible products and is in a collision, the ensuing injuries can be much more serious. Secondary traumas, including burns and respiratory system injuries from to the hazardous freight, frequently occur.

Driver fatigue is among the main reasons for these kinds of crashes involving commercial truckers. It may cause a truck driver to go to sleep at the controls or make a fatal driving miscalculation. Driver fatigue incidents take place primarily early in the day or the middle of the afternoon. The most up-to-date research shows that grogginess after awakening from sleep is really hazardous. It’s been demonstrated that fatigue-related accidents tend to be worse kinds of accidents.

It’s essential to start investigating an accident like this without delay to ensure that evidence is preserved. There is a lot of information that needs to be collected, as it is important to the injured party’s claims. This will include details about prior regulatory infractions by the transportation firm or the driver concerned, the vehicle’s routine maintenance information, the speed the truck as well as your car or truck were going, location of the vehicles’ damage, the trucker’s log book. There will be statements from witnesses and initial responders to the collision, for example ambulance workers and law enforcement officers. An additional crucial bit of evidence will be the truck’s black box, which records information before, during and following an impact.

There is a big difference is the size of accident settlements when a semi is involved, compared to other accidents. This is because trucking companies typically have much higher coverage on their semis than an individual will have on a passenger car.

Representatives of the transportation company will frequently make an effort to negotiate a settlement with injured parties out of court, and often for significantly less than the injuries (or death) that have been suffered are actually worth. This is one of the reasons an accident victim should contact a trucking accident attorney as soon as possible. To find this type of legal representation, look for a personal injury attorney that has experience handling trucking accidents, who is a seasoned trial attorney, and is willing to prepare and take the case to court rather than quickly negotiating a settlement.

Once an attorney is involved, the insurance reps will be required to talk to him instead the victim, who does not need that kind of stress added to all the emotional trauma, personal injuries and property damage the collision has caused.

Industrial Tourism

Concept of industrial tourism

By definition, the tourism industry represents all forms of industrial workshop visited by tourists, students, professionals or individuals. It is becoming increasingly common and is attracting more and more visitors. Indeed, several companies are already introducing these daily activities in their monthly expenses. Whereas, most students plan in advance the programs of visits to factories to practice their theoretical studies.

Most of these explorations are not free and visiting hours are usually fixed in advance. The costs of visits are considered some valued information (useful for each industry) and not all companies are willing to give exhibition hours to visitors even for payment in return. These offers may be samples of their products, tasting their produced food stuff, or authorizing visitors to test operate their plant equipments. In addition, these plants administrators have their definite reason to plan specific hours to prepare for what they want to perform before the visitors and to conceal their production data they want to keep secret.

Many manufacturing sectors are affected by this type of tourism, but the most dynamic are agro-food manufacturing and handicrafts. For example, we find the manufacturing plant of the Mauritius Phoenix Breweries, makers of the famous Mauritian beer who have their formula and their recipe kept unchanged from the first day of operation. They provide a tour of 60 people on average every hour and offer adults the opportunity to taste the beer of their establishment despite their service is free. We can also take the example of the great workshop Cornille-Havard, in France, producing bells in a modern way using the technology of computer. They receive a large number of tourists every year and their visiting cost is 3.35 euros per each person.

However, there are still other companies that are very famous in the organization of free visiting hours to the public and to their clients to visit their factories. We have another example of the Rance Energy power plant, in France, producer of electricity and represented in trade by the EDF, which alone hosts over 200 000 visitors each year and thus takes a place among the most visited industrial sites in the world. There is also the Airbus site that offers a tour bus with professional guides for only 9 Euros an hour and offers its customers the panels and models showing the manufacture of aircraft.

So, the tourism industry is not for only few sectors, almost all economic activities were launched into the breach. In fact, all have received the benefits they could draw to open the doors of their factories to the public.

The benefits of Industrial Tourism.

For businesses, visits by the public in its workshops are proving to be a relevant and enjoyable way to become known. While the objectives of these tourists are not directly in the interest of the industry in question since their first goal is simple curiosity, but these needs have discovered a very effective advertising impact for the company. This applies to EDF, which by opening its doors to the public who wants to have the wrong idea about the job, immediately perceived an increase in its customer base and thereby increase its turnover. In other words, the communication to the public enables companies to develop their brand image and customer loyalty.

For the public, the tourism industry can acquire new knowledge. Indeed, the fact of entering the heart of the action responds to many questions: how does a manufacturer make the ink of a pen? Where does one find the materials to produce porcelain plates? What are the steps and procedures to produce wine or other soft drinks? Furthermore, it is also a way to guide young students about what they want to do in their life, level of study they should attain to achieve the profession of their dream.

But the tourism industry also has a positive effect on regional and national levels. Indeed, by agreeing to inform the public about the technology and economic heritage of the region, an industry of a region is another challenge to do better. This type of healthy competition does not kill the company but the push to always improve

Finally, realizing that globalization is a forced direction, companies in all areas are encouraged to connect with the global economic order and not to remain a laggard.

7 Benefits of Hiring A Party Bus

Riding in a Party bus is not only fun but it also adds a touch of sophistication to your lifestyle. You can enjoy with your friends by travelling into the city or hopping into local clubs. Party buses are the perfect solution for the ultimate fun. Here are some of the benefits of renting a party bus which can definitely make you choose these while you plan your next special event.

Impress your Friends
Arriving in a party bus is definitely going to make all eyes fixed on you. And, who wouldn’t be impressed to see their friends riding around town in luxurious party buses. Do not think twice and ride around to go your special event in style and fashion.

Party buses can are spacious enough to hold up to 40 passengers. As party buses come in different sizes, seating capacities vary. You can bring your entire crowd and travel together in style and comfort, making a dramatic entrance and exit from the event venue.

The best part of hiring a party bus service is you can drink and party with your friends without having to worry about driving. You don’t need a designated driver when you hop aboard the party bus as there are professional chauffeurs to provide you a safe and fun ride.

City Tour
Chauffeurs know every road tracks and know the city very well. You can enjoy night life without tracking down addresses or following road directions. You can simply sit back and enjoy your city tour as your chauffeur does the driving.

You can have a safe transportation as well as ample entertainment when you are on board. Moreover, it doesn’t cost you a fortune to experience this. If you happen to travel in a group of friends and divide the rates, the cost is even more affordable.

On board Amenities
Most Party buses are equipped with leather seats, 3D stereo sound system, custom bar, LCD plasma TVs and many more. These buses also allow you to bring alcoholic beverages, food and your own entertainment. This means you can turn the party into whatever you want it to be. It provides so much fun that you may never want to stop the ride!

VIP Service
Forget about waiting in line to get into the hottest clubs in the town. With your chauffeurs to lead the way, you will move to the front of the line every time. They also provide VIP entry to the club without even a pass. Now how cool is that!

The Federal Shutdown’s Effect on Grand Canyon Bus Tours

Currently, the entire U.S. National Park System is closed due to the American government shutdown. Because the South Rim lies within Grand Canyon National Park, it’s closed down too. As a result, several of the most popular Grand Canyon bus tours are temporarily suspended.

The coach trips that have taken the biggest beating are the tours that head for the South Rim from Las Vegas. All premium van tours that take the same route have also been canceled for the duration of the shutdown. Both trips are very popular, but tickets won’t be available until the Congressional stalemate is broken. That might be another week or so.

From Phoenix

Folks based in Phoenix or another central AZ city (Mesa, Scottsdale, Sedona and so forth) won’t be able to take a Grand Canyon bus tour until the shutdown is over. My recommendation? Drive to the South Rim and hop onto an air-only airplane or helicopter tour there. The airfield is just outside the Park’s main gates and the government doesn’t own the airspace over the Park (more on that below).

Fortunately, it’s business as usual at Grand Canyon West, which isn’t part of the National Park. The government has no say-so there, and ALL tours from Vegas to the West Rim (coach trips and everything else) are still running on their regular schedules.

It’s only a 2 ½-hour drive from Vegas to the West Rim. Coach trips use comfortable buses and you’ll have plenty to see and do after you arrive.

The top draw (by a landslide) at Grand Canyon West is the fabulous Skywalk – the world’s largest all-glass cantilevered bridge. My favorite tour, though, is the package that includes an exciting helicopter flight to the canyon bottom followed by smooth-water rafting down the Colorado. It’s a heck of an experience, and the West Rim is the only part of the canyon where helicopters can fly below the level of the rim and land on the bottom.


Almost 95% of all Vegas Grand Canyon flights are running on their regular schedules. Vegas-based travelers can take air-only or landing flights. The strictly aerial versions fly over Hoover Dam and Lake Mead and then circle the canyon itself. Some airplane landing packages include VIP access to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, but I prefer the helicopter tour that lands on the bottom and comes with a champagne picnic (you could also take a ‘copter tour that lands at the top of the Rim).

The plane tours that start in Vegas and head directly for the South Rim are the only ones being affected by the government shutdown. They’re currently suspended because they include a Grand Canyon bus tour inside the Park, which is closed right now. They’re one of my personal favorites so I hope the shutdown ends soon.

All South Rim helicopter tours are air-only and they’re running on schedule. They take off just outside the National Park’s entrance, at Tusayan, AZ, and there are two versions: 50 minutes and 30 minutes. The shorter version flies from the South to the North Rim and back. The longer flight’s my favorite, though, because it does that plus it covers everything up to the Park’s eastern boundary. By the time it’s done you’ll see up to ¾ of the National Park!


South Rim plane tours are cheaper than helicopter tours. They’re also a good backup if the ‘copter tour you want is sold out – helicopters can only hold 6 but planes can take up to 19 people. If you’re interested in a plane tour, book it right away because they’re selling out fast (so are helicopter tours).

Here’s hoping that Congress gets its act together soon. Once it does, we’ll all be able to take whatever Grand Canyon tours we want. Especially when it comes to the perfect canyon coach trip!

How to Get Around in Phoenix Using Public Transport

Phoenix is the capital of Arizona and is home to more than 144,500 people, because of the sheer amount of people who live there, public transportation needs to be top class and reliable. Getting around Phoenix is pretty easy when you know how and it’s even easier to find information and schedules on the various forms of transport available.

The Valley Metro Rail is an excellent service that runs through the majority of central and downtown Phoenix and of course the airport. There is a train every 10 minutes for most of the day, during the night the services are reduced to every 20 minutes, which is still pretty good. If you’re in town over the weekend and during the holidays, it’s worth checking the timetables to see what transportation is available and when.Although the trains are never expensive, there is a free one that runs from the Airport and between 44th street and the Washington METRO light rail stop.

The bus service in Phoenix is very good and is an excellent way to get around the city, with fares starting at approximately $1.25 it’s a very affordable way of getting around the city too. The buses serve all areas of the city including the airport, downtown Phoenix and many other places, check out the timetables and routes if you are not sure.

If you are looking to get around downtown Phoenix you can always use the Downtown Area Shuttle, otherwise known as DASH. This shuttle system is entirely free and will take you exactly where you want to go. The route of the DASH can vary depending on the day you take it and the events that are going on locally so it’s always best to check the schedules if you are uncertain. The shuttles run every six minutes which is quite remarkable and a great way to get around. The DASH buses are copper-colored and the routes are usually marked, so it’ll not be easy for you to miss one when it comes along. The only downside to the shuttle is that it does not operate at weekends, so make the most of them during the week if you can.

If you now know how to get around the city, your Phoenix vacation will be hassle-free and enjoyable. Start planning your vacation today and be one step closer to that vacation you have always dreamed of.

While you’re thinking about your vacation, why not take a look at the many Phoenix resorts you have the option of staying in, there is sure to be something there for you and at a price that won’t break the bank.

Are You Looking for Terrific Grand Canyon Tours?

If so, you’re not alone – the Grand Canyon is one of the most popular National Parks in America! People from all over the globe come to Arizona to witness the canyon’s spectacular scenery, and most of them take guide trips, either in the air (by plane or helicopter) or on the ground (by motor coach, Jeep, hiking or horse/mule).

If you’re starting out from Las Vegas, you can choose between Grand Canyon tours of the South or West Rim. But if you’re setting out from Phoenix, Scottsdale, Sedona or somewhere else in central Arizona, you’ll need to choose a South Rim tour.

Here are descriptions of some of the most popular Grand Canyon tours:

Helicopter Tours

Although helicopter tours are offered at both rims, the South Rim is beyond the range of choppers flying out of Las Vegas. That means Las Vegas helicopter tours only fly to the West Rim. If you’re setting out from Vegas but you’d rather see the South Rim by helicopter, you’ll need to take a bus or plane ride (the plane is the better option because it’s so much quicker) before boarding your copter.

When you’re choosing your tour, remember that the West Rim is the only place where choppers are allowed to land on the canyon floor. That makes this tour almost a must-do experience, especially since you’re able to add an optional boat ride down the Colorado River. Landing tours that include optional VIP passes to the West Rim’s Grand Canyon Skywalk are also extremely popular.

Helicopters are not allowed to fly below the level of the South Rim. So, South Rim helicopter tours fly rim-to-rim or take a route that lets you see almost all of the entire National Park. If you can only spend a day or two at the Grand Canyon, one of these flights might be ideal.

Motor Coach Tours

Guide trips by bus from Las Vegas to the South or West Rim are also available. All these tours include a stopover for photos at Hoover Dam. West Rim motor coach tours are flexible enough to let you add a chopper ride to the floor and a boat ride down the Colorado.

Bus tours from Vegas to the South Rim are the least expensive way to see this spectacular location. If you want, you can add an optional helicopter tour to your package.

Airplane Tours

Like helicopter tours, airplane tours are available for the West and South Rim. You can choose from landing or air-only tours, but landing tours are only permitted at the West Rim. If you do take a West Rim landing tour, I strongly recommend adding a chopper flight to the bottom and the boat ride down the Colorado. Or, you could add passes to the fabulous Grand Canyon Skywalk. Airplane tours of the South Rim take you on the same route as the 50-minute South Rim chopper tours.

Guide Trips by Raft

Smooth-water rafting (much different from whitewater rafting) is offered at both rims, but only between April and November. From Las Vegas, you’ll take a helicopter to the starting point at the base of Hoover Dam. From there, you’ll float 11 miles down the river to Willow Beach, Arizona. South Rim rafting tours take you by plane or luxury motor coach to Glen Canyon Dam at Page, Arizona, where you’ll begin your 15-mile float down to historic Lee’s Ferry.

All West Rim helicopter, plane and rafting tours include free hotel pickup and drop-off. Plane, chopper and bus tours include lunch and the services of a professional tour guide. Except for rafting tours (which include shuttle service), you’ll need to get to Grand Canyon Airport on your own for South Rim air tours.

It’s advisable to book Grand Canyon tours as far ahead as you can – guide trips to the Grand Canyon are extremely popular, and tickets often sell out during the tourist season. Buy your tickets online because that’s where you’ll find the best deals – if you look on the tour operator websites. Just make sure you complete your entire purchase online or you won’t receive the special Internet discount.